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According to recent polls, 18% of Americans believe Barack Obama is a Muslim. He goes to a Christian church (sometimes), but best guess is he’s actually pretty secular. No one, even most Republican politicians (mainstream ones, anyway) are willing to confirm what 18% believe to be true.

Whatever. The word “Muslim” is a stand-in for what some (most right of center) folks use to scare others and themselves. While m.snowe might not like Islam’s take on womanhood, she does believe in the freedoms of the Constitution to practice one’s religion, given it is not violent or impedes another’s Constitutional rights. Clearly, we don’t know enough about Islamism as we pretend.

Tangents. So anyway, m.snowe was curious. Shielded as she is in metropolitan and socially advanced NYC, perhaps around 1/5 of her friends and acquaintances are in the clear from this gross ignorance.

But here are just a few other interesting 18 percentages:

18% of Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth. Geocentrism lives!

–m.snow’s just gonna link to this. You can decide how you want to take it.

Soto Mejor?

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Obama: Good on ya’!

Admittedly, m.snowe has done the basest of prelim research on this nominee for Supreme Court to replace Justice Souter. However, here are a few things that make us sure Sotomayor will be a kick ass judge (some of them actually relevant):

  • Graduated with an A.B., Summa cum laude, from Princeton in 1976, and received her J.D. from Yale Law School (and worked on the Law Review)
  • Is an American WOMAN of Puerto Rican descent (would be the third woman on supreme bench, first Hispanic ever)
  • Single-handedly saved baseball in 1994 (better than saving Christmas)
  • She grew up in the South Bronx projects (that ain’t exactly Newport, R.I., folks)
  • She’ll remember your favorite drink
  • A lifetime fan of the Yankees. (duh, Bronx!)
  • As a “centrist” she will come up against few problems during her confirmation (we hope)
  • She takes her clerks to Harry Potter movies on opening night
  • She has clerked, worked in private practice, worked in the US District Court system, and teaches at NYU and Columbia–Talk about a varied resume
  • Slight kink: we’re not entirely sure about her stance on Reproductive Rights…

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