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N train test

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on May 11, 2009

So m.snowe, when she wants to quickly assess the quality of a book in hand, has a simple method that can be replicated practically any day, twice a day. It is simply thus: crack open a book on the N train back to Astoria, and after hearing that satisfying splice of the binding giving way to your will as the pages are stretched apart, dig in. Just go with the book and see what happens. Then, here’s the list of questions you should ask yourself when reaching your stop, as way to assess said quality:

1. Were you aware of exactly what stop you were at when you looked up for the first time from your book?

2. How long did your trip seem–Painfully long? Way too short?

3. Do you have any idea if the people sitting next to and across from you are the same people that were there when you sat down?

4. Are you sad you have to get up now and close said book?

m.snowe’s answers to questions 1-4 were:

1. Wait, where was m.snowe again?

2. Way too short.

3. These people could’ve been using the pole in front of her for a strip-tease and m.snowe wouldn’t have noticed.

4. Sadder than ever.

So what book was this, you ask?

Miss Harper Can Do It

Go get yourself a copy, or check yourself.