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Review: Alice James (Jean Strouse)

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on March 7, 2012

Alice James was a tragic yet beautiful soul. You should read about her in this biography.
You can also read about what I thought when I read about her, on Fiction Advocate. I should mention, as a woman living in 2012, I’m still totally jealous of her ability to turn a phrase faster and better than almost anyone I read.

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What you can get for $1.99?

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on July 18, 2011

–A canopied elephant ride through the forests of India

–A large foie gras poached in butter and hyena truffle oil

–An Ivy-League education, including room, board and apprenticeship with Larry Summers

–The secret antidote to all hangovers, forever

–Your curmudgeonly father’s undying approval of all your death metal tattoos

–A monogrammed four-in-hand carriage that takes you to any time or place you desire as long as that time and place includes fairies

–Brunch prepared and served every Sunday by the entire original cast of Beauty and the Beast, on Ice

–This kick-ass essay on The Real Holden Caulfield, which you can get at Fiction Advocate*

*This is the only one listed above that is currently available for purchase via paypal.

Certainty In An Uncertain World

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on October 27, 2010

Does lying on the left side ease heartburn?

Is candy the devil?

Are the Kiwis really ready for Hobbits?

Are Hipsters Dead?

The world asks so much of us. Don’t you sometimes like to surround yourself with easy decisions, just in a futile attempt to grasp for that slender strip of objectivity in this otherwise chaotic existence? I thought so. Me too.

Go here. Buy This. It may not have the answers. It may even be a thin bundled pack of lies (it is), but at least you’ll never again go to sleep wondering…wondering about the fictional feats of a fictional/real guy.