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Posted in black, historic struggle, politics, white by m.snowe on February 22, 2008

Quote from MSNBC:
“Obama’s strong showing has made him the man to beat in a historic struggle between a black man and a white woman, and even some of Clinton’s own supporters conceded she needs victories in both Ohio and Texas early next month to preserve her candidacy.”

This made us think of the other Historic Struggles between Black Men and White Women. Here are a few, for your viewing pleasure:

“Historic Struggle for Daytime Television”:
Montel Williams vs. Ricki Lake

“Historic Struggle for Best Recent MA Governorship”:
Deval Patrick vs. Jane Swift

“Historic Struggle for Life”:
O.J. Simpson vs. Nicole Brown Simpson

“Historic Struggle for Primetime Ratings”:
Bill Cosby vs. Rosanne

“Historic Struggle for Pop-Supremacy”:
Michael Jackson vs. Madonna

“Historic Struggle for Best Lipsync Fiasco”:
Milli Vanilli vs. Ashlee Simpson

“Historic Struggle for the 1988 Democratic Presidential Nomination”:
Jesse Jackson vs. Patricia Schroeder

“Historic Struggle for Sesame Street”:
Gordon Robinson (school teacher played by Roscoe Orman) vs. Linda (local librarian played by Linda Bove)

“Historic Struggle for Popular Young Minority Golfer”:
Tiger Woods vs. Michelle Wie

“Historic Struggle for Pop-Band Supremacy”:
Boyz 2 Men vs. Spice Girls

“Historic Struggle for Best Blind Celebrity”:
Ray Charles vs. Helen Keller

“Historic Struggle for Favorite Singing Muppet”:
Rowlf the Dog (technically of indeterminate breed) vs. Miss Piggy

(more to follow – and we’d love to hear your suggestions)

As you can see, the utter ridiculousness of such an exercise in historic struggles is fun and makes for an interesting spin on the same old political news, yet it proves inconclusive and completely pointless…and with the exception of the Simpson struggle, each exampled struggle is fairly undecided, and a matter of personal tastes/opinions (or lack thereof).