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Your Body, Their Choice

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on March 23, 2011

Okay so you might have heard about this. Ever since M.snowe started following such things, she’s noticed that South Dakota is at the forefront of reproductive right reductions. Planned Parenthood comes out with a new bulletin about their injustices towards women every day. The midwestern state has less than a million people (over 87% of them white, and most of them conservative), Mount Rushmore, and a pretty serious rural past, so, M.snowe supposes it’s not that much of a shocker that they are ridiculously discriminatory towards women and their reproductive rights. Let M.Snowe lay it down for you:

–If you’re a lady in SD considering abortion in the state, first you must submit to a “consultation” at a “pregnancy help center.” This consult will consist of some blowhard anti-choice dimwit shouting at, shaming, and otherwise man-splaining to the woman why they should not abort their pregnancy. (Okay, so maybe they won’t shout, but they will be giving women a long run down of all the “wonderful options” they would have to help themselves and their baby should they take it to term.) After the consultation, the woman must then wait at least 3 days to have an abortion if she really wants one, because that is the estimated time it takes the average woman to make an informed decision about anything.

Exceptions to this law of consultation and waiting period? Only in extreme cases of medical emergencies, approved by a doctor. There is NO exception for rape or incest.

A lot of states have the woman undergo a consultation with a doctor before an abortion procedure–most of the time, as with any medical procedure, the doctor lays out what will happen, and evaluates the patient to make sure they are in the right frame of mind to consent. Fine. But, South Dakota has gone so far as to ensure that the people who give these “required consultations” to abortion-seekers are anti-choice, anti-abortion, pretty much anti-everything except keeping your pregnancy. They give “faith-based” lectures. They tell her the tiny speck of cells in her body is already a living breathing soul of independent livelihood.

How is this acceptable? When we go to doctors, we are always free to “get a second opinion,” when it comes to medical procedures, advice, treatment, prescriptions, etc. How can a state determine that there is no second opinion in the case of a woman’s body? How can a consultant possibly feel as though they are doing a good job when they encourage a woman who has been raped by, say, her uncle, to keep that incestuous bundle of joy even if she finds the idea abhorrent? Oh, and poverty in SD is pretty common. And there is only one Planned Parenthood in the state, the only place to get an abortion. It’s a big state–someone in a rural town would have to drive hours, and then find a place to stay. Then be consulted, then wait three days, then pay for the procedure. Talk about making it hard for those with the hardest lives as it is.

The leader of the “Alpha Center,” one of the consultation hubs, says this in response to opposition:

“What are they so afraid of?” Ms. Unruh asked. “That women might change their minds?”

No, Bitch. Women should be absolutely free to change their minds. They should be presented with both sides, multiple options, and then make their own, conscious, informed decision that works best for them, that is not subject to an ultimatum, undue guilt, unnecessary hounding. There’s no problem for women to hear these folk’s side of the argument, but it is when you tip the scales and make it hard if not impossible for them to make any choice except the one you’d rather they make. What women like M.snowe are “afraid of” is the limitation of the ability to change our minds. The very thing this woman accuses the opposition of worrying about is the thing these centers are worrying about and trying to quell at their very core–freedom of choice, freedom of control. Obviously, in a perfect world  all contraception would be 100% effective and there would be no rape, incest, sexual abuse, etc.–but that’s not the case. And so every woman should feel as if she has the freedom to make the best possible decision for her body.

I can’t believe we’re still debating this.

(If any state needs the wide-release of the new Jane Eyre movie to happen pronto–it’s this one!)

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