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What is a 4th Wave Femiladyist?

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on November 9, 2010

This blog touts itself as having a 4th Wave Femiladyist bent. So what, exactly, is that? Well, we can’t take the credit for creating this term. A friend, colleague, novelist, and fellow blogger came up with it, while trying to describe exactly what msnowe was doing here. She thought it was apt, because, well, it means everything and nothing all at once.

A few points of reference on what a 4th Wave Femiladyist is (and isn’t):

–A combination of waves 1-3, yet none of them (if wave 4 is defined as a movement, msnowe will have to change her number)

–Proud to be a lady

–Hates the media’s portrayal of what they think it means to be a lady


–Pro-straight (but Anti-fervent imposition of “family values”)

–Anti-Anti-Abortion (i.e. Pro choice)

–Reads way too many late 18th Century novels

–Thinks humor is as good a way to bridge the gender gap as any

–Won’t vote for a politician lady just ‘cuz she’s a lady, but sure wants more of them

–Was accused of being a “feminazi” in highschool and wonders if that word is still being said in common parlance, and whether other suffixed “-nazi” forms exist for other pro-equality groups (“homonazi,” immigrantnazi”?)

The definition is endless and always changing.

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