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Test Tossed Erroneous

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on June 10, 2010


–“In humans, the hormone [testosterone] seems to motivate for rational decision-making, social scrutiny and cleverness, the apparent tools for success in a modern society” (Source).


–During a woman’s menstrual cycle, testosterone levels rise and fall.

–Testosterone levels are at their absolute highest level for women during the pre-menstrual phase (i.e. pre-ovulation phase right before their period occurs).


–Women who are “premenstrual” are irrational. PMS is a bitch for all involved, especially men.

Please allow me to analyze all these bits and pieces. If all these things (the facts, assumptions, and studies) are actually true, then:

Women who have “PMS” (are pre-ovulation) are actually at the point in their cycle when they are as close as they will ever be to having a similar level of testosterone as compared to men. Many assume/believe that testosterone allows people to think rationally, scrutinize things, and be clever. Yet, when women have high testosterone levels, they are commonly assumed to be irrational, emotional, big soggy messes of creatures. So, basically, something up in those bullets has to be wrong. I’m not going to conjecture a guess because assumptions are what caused this illogical mess in the first place. But let’s just say that when there is a sizeable difference in the sexes (like different hormone levels), the sex in power might be tempted to exploit those differences for some sort of power-grab. Even if they make that grab before the science is there to support it. We all remember the orignal meaning of “hysteria,” right? Yeah, Plato, etc., thought that the uterus could wander around inside a lady and fuck with her other organs. That’s hysterical.

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