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Don’t Detract/Distract

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on May 26, 2010

m.snowe is still sloggin’ away at the chapters in this book (review/comments to come). While the book is an interesting read, I’m getting really impatient with the typesetting/copyediting errors. There are glaring ones, too. I’m talking about commas ins,ide words. And multiplewordswithout spaces. Or just plain poorly justified paragraphs. Not to mention widows. And orphans. The book is more amuck with them than a Charles Dickens novel. And it’s sad. Because I want to enjoy this book, and most of the time I am, even if I find some of the intellectual arguments weak–at least they get me thinking. But then, I come upon signs of a poorly constructed book. It makes me wonder if Overlook Press is being just a little bit too true to their name.

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