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Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on May 3, 2010

Are you all gaga for Gaga while playing ga-ga?

It’s baby-talk.

It’s an Israeli dodgeball.

It’s featured in a song by Queen (which is where a certain Lady got it from).

Now it’s an exclamation?!

The Oxford English Dictionary lists it as slang for a “madman” or in its adjectival sense: “doting, exhibiting senile decay; mad, ‘dotty’; fatuous.”

But how did it suddenly become a stand-in for talking about disco, dancing, and anything that vaguely whiffs of pop-culture?

Ex. To characterize something as “gaga,” is to say that it’s some hip dance thing? Like, it’s all zeitgeisty and crap?

The Lady herself isn’t actually a real person, she is only an amalgamation of other aspects of pop culture. She is an empty void into which you throw cult films, fashion trends, other pop singers, and commercial catch-phrases. So maybe this is actually a brilliant use of the word gaga–an originally nonsense term that stands-in for the absence of rational language? Just putting that out there. Kind of like Gaga.

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