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Party Time, Excellent…?

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on March 2, 2010

When Parties Explode

Hey folks, anybody else getting sick of PARTIES!?

Remember the good old days, when parties were either just plain ol’ celebrations of birth, marriage, etc., or well-defined, governmentally recognized political parties (Whigs, Tories, Demos, Repubs)?
Seems like everybody’s got their own “party” nowadays, and they gravitate towards the politically/rhetorically inclined.

Yeah, you’ve heard of these guys. But what about these newbies? And don’t forget this little meet and greet.

Because of the ease with which we can all find like-minded individuals (social networks, blah, blah, blah), of course it’s only natural that these parties are formed. But with each party formed, and the counter-parties formed in protest, etc., and so on, the idea of fellow-feeling behind each cause is diluted, surely. How many parties can you get on board with? Soon there will be tea parties within tea parties, perhaps schisms that cleverly differentiate between whether they take their drink with either milk or honey. Sigh.

Oh well.  m.snowe still likes parties, and reading about real and/or imagined parties, so she’ll let it go. That reminds her of a little poetic party ditty from Diane Di Prima:

No Problem Party Poem

first glass broken on patio no problem
forgotten sour cream for vegetable no problem
Lewis MacAdam’s tough lower jaw no problem
cops arriving to watch belly dancer no problem
plastic bags of melted ice no problem
wine on antique tablecloth no problem
scratchy stereo no problem
neighbor’s dog no problem
interviewer from Berkeley Barb no problem
absence of more beer no problem
too little dope no problem
leering Naropans no problem
cigarette butts on the altars no problem
Marilyn vomiting in planter box no problem
Phoebe renouncing love no problem
Lewis renouncing Phoebe no problem
hungry ghosts no problem
absence of children no problem
heat no problem
dark no problem
arnica scattered in nylon rug no problem
ashes in bowl of bleached bone and Juniper berries no problem
lost Satie tape no problem
loss of temper no problem
arrogance no problem
boxes of empty beer cans & wine bottles no problem
thousands of styrofoam cups no problem
Gregory Curso no problem
Allen Ginsberg no problem
Diane di Prima no problem
Anne Waldman’s veins no problem
Dick Gallup’s birthday no problem
Joanne Kyger’s peyote & rum no problem wine no problem
coca-cola no problem
getting it on in the wet grass no problem
running out of toilet paper no problem
decimation of pennyroyal no problem
destruction of hair clasp no problem
paranoia no problem
claustrophobia no problem
growing up on Brooklyn streets no problem
growing up in Tibet no problem
growing up in Chicano Texas no problem
belly dancing certainly no problem
figuring it all out no problem
giving it all up no problem
giving it all away no problem
devouring everything in sight no problem

what else in Allen’s refrigerator?
what else in Anne’s cupboard?
what do you know that you
haven’t told me yet?
No problem. No problem. No problem.

staying another day no problem
getting out of town no problem
telling the truth, almost no problem
easy to stay awake
easy to go to sleep
easy to sing the blues
easy to chant sutras
what’s all the fuss about?

it decomposes – no problem
we pack it in boxes – no problem
we swallow it with water, lock it in the trunk,
make a quick getaway. NO PROBLEM.

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