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Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on July 29, 2009
Follow me, you lost souls!

Follow me, you lost souls!

It could be argued that complaining, and/or actively listening to the things that annoy you is even more time-wasting and stupid than the initial causes of annoyance. OR, as m.snowe would like to imagine, annoyances can be turned upside down and regurgitated, creatively. So in her attempts to neuter, or perhaps even humorize her daily pain–here is a lovely site devoted to the ridiculous. m.snowe realizes that all these things are taken out of context and therefore funnier than they actually sound in real time. She also apologizes to any publishing folks who take offense. The only thing she can say in her defense is that like this blog, the identity of the multiple INTERNS is kept strictly anonymous.

Remember, this isn’t to make fun–it’s to make light.

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