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Not necessarily a clean (or original) Slate

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on July 13, 2009
# 11 -- Thou Shalt Not Print Upon Stale Slates.
# 11 — Thou Shalt Not Print Upon Stale Slates.

In general, m.snowe likes her some Slate articles. Usually, she can find one or two that grab her interest every day. But sometimes, the columnists are just regrettably behind the times. The Double X Blog is woefully one of the repeat offenders in this category. For instance, today’s article on how Vampirism is “bad” for women. Um, yeah, we knew this, even if we don’t entirely agree with how you posed the argument.

In case you want to take a peek at something else on Slate that sounds interesting (and has a sort-of vampire connection), m.snowe recommends this review of the newest Byron biography. m.snowe might like Slate, but she loves her some Katha Pollitt, especially when combined with stories of Romantic-Period Sexy Time.

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  1. misswells said, on July 13, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    This is why we’re friends. I read that XX article today and thought, Hmm, this sounds familiar. I feel like that’s their fallback position: “[insert pop cultural icon] is anti-feminist! Here’s why!” Even if they’re right, I’m not too impressed with their argument — I haven’t seen True Blood, but how can it be pro-virginity when the heroine sleeps with her vampire suitor and then defeats him? Doesn’t sound like the traditional sex-marks-you-for-death formula to me.

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