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Don’t judge a book by its blurbage

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on June 25, 2009
Shit, this book is crazy stupid!

"Christ, this book is crazy stupid--my bad!"

Today, m.snowe (who works at a large academic publishing house) received a frantic email from a well-known person, who basically wanted to rescind their endorsement of a book. This was a book that they already submitted a blurb for. They had already signed a legal permission form allowing us to print said blurb.

We’d given them a galley copy of the book weeks ago. So what could have possibly changed this person’s mind? A fist-fight with the author? A personal vendetta? Mind-controlling ear eels?
Ahem, the blurber was now unsure of endorsing the book, after they finished reading it.

So please, please, please be warned, blurbers—-read yo’ books!

And people, don’t trust an endorsement. Even by a well-respected person. Form your own opinions.  This might be fairly obvious, but you never know when someone is only on the back cover because they signed a permission form too hastily…