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Help! Reader’s Block!

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on June 23, 2009
Seriously. Ayuda me!

Seriously. Ayuda me!

m.snowe is in a serious rut. She’s looking for some good summer reading. She’ll be starting this in a few days, but it’s been a few months since she picked up a book at random or by suggestion, and fell in love. And m.snowe craves that serious, eat-off-the-same-utensil, rub-their-dirty-feet, throw-yourself-onto-the-subway-tracks-just-to-prove-your-ardor infatuation.

Lately, most of the books m.snowe courted have been total teases, with such promise, yet so disappointingly unsatisfying. They looked nice when you sat with them on the train, or in restaurants, or with a glass of wine on the couch. Like good on paper guys, except…they were no good on paper. So lately, she’s been going back to the old stand-bys…like this, and this, and this. Her need for satiety has driven her to almost reconsider picking up the phone and getting back with this for the third, tumultuous time.

As a rather rough-and-tumble reader/writer, m.snowe makes no show of being all pretentious-y (see how unpretentious it is, to make up fake words?), and she has no trouble admitting that she needs new books to read, that perhaps are written by authors slightly less dead, though a pulse is not necessarily a requirement for her new ventures into good reading.

So basically: Help! FYI, there is no genre or style that m.snowe won’t at least give the ol’ grad-school try. m.snowe’s favorites are varied. She just needs a story to actually care about enough to read through to the end, one that has a decided lack of narrative mediocrity. Is that so hard to find?