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Don’t Douthat Alert.

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on June 10, 2009
HUffalumps escaped the far-right branding from Republicans. No wonder they're happy.

These Republican Heffalumps are trippin' way less than Douthat.

Okay, so m.snowe thought, why bother defend her stance against guys who write stuff like this. It’s pretty clear from the get-go that we’re not going to like what he says. But you know, opposing forces exist for a reason–so here are just a few excerpts and snide comments on Douthat’s take on abortion and the recent murder of Dr. Tiller.

“Over the last week, there’s been an outpouring of testimonials, across the Internet, from women (and some men) who lived through these hard cases. They help explain why Tiller thought he was doing the Lord’s work, even though that work involved destroying something that we wouldn’t hesitate to call a baby if we saw it struggling for life in a hospital bed. They help explain why so many Americans defend his right to do it.”

–Douthat, you’ve already made it clear that you thought Tiller was wrong. If you approached this topic with an open mind, then you wouldn’t need “help explaining” why people agreed with him. Also, if it WAS a baby struggling in a bed, it would be a person, and thereby not aborted. Once you go down the “life begins at conception” road, there’s no turning back. So don’t try that skinny-baby-hooked-up-to-tubes crap on us.

“He was a target of protests — and, tragically, of terrorist violence — because he performed late-term abortions, period. But his critics were convinced that he performed them not only in truly desperate situations, but in many other cases as well. Over the years, they cobbled together a considerable amount of evidence — drawn from the state’s abortion statistics, from Tiller’s own comments, and from a 2006 investigation — suggesting that Tiller abused the state’s mental-health exemption to justify late-term abortions in almost any situation.”

–Oh, the Republicans can’t seem to get enough use out of the word “terrorism.” You think if you use it to be slightly bipartisan, we’ll like you better? Also, your polite little mention of the “state’s mental-health exemption”–we know what you’re implying. BUT since you’ve never been pregnant, why not leave the assessment of the mental state of pregnant women to pregnant women and medical professionals? These women grapple with questions of moral significance you probably can’t compute in your dizziest daydreams–don’t you dare over-simplify them.

“If abortion were returned to the democratic process, this landscape would change dramatically. Arguments about whether and how to restrict abortions in the second trimester — as many advanced democracies already do – would replace protests over the scope of third-trimester medical exemptions.”

–Douthat, Douthat, Douthat … you’re simply asking for the government to make it more difficult for a woman to determine what to do with her own body. Stop pretending you give a damn about Democracy.

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  1. fictionadvocate said, on June 11, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Awesome title.

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