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Soto Mejor?

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on May 27, 2009


Obama: Good on ya’!

Admittedly, m.snowe has done the basest of prelim research on this nominee for Supreme Court to replace Justice Souter. However, here are a few things that make us sure Sotomayor will be a kick ass judge (some of them actually relevant):

  • Graduated with an A.B., Summa cum laude, from Princeton in 1976, and received her J.D. from Yale Law School (and worked on the Law Review)
  • Is an American WOMAN of Puerto Rican descent (would be the third woman on supreme bench, first Hispanic ever)
  • Single-handedly saved baseball in 1994 (better than saving Christmas)
  • She grew up in the South Bronx projects (that ain’t exactly Newport, R.I., folks)
  • She’ll remember your favorite drink
  • A lifetime fan of the Yankees. (duh, Bronx!)
  • As a “centrist” she will come up against few problems during her confirmation (we hope)
  • She takes her clerks to Harry Potter movies on opening night
  • She has clerked, worked in private practice, worked in the US District Court system, and teaches at NYU and Columbia–Talk about a varied resume
  • Slight kink: we’re not entirely sure about her stance on Reproductive Rights…

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