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1st rule of Feminist Fight Club is: you do not talk about Feminist Fight Club.

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on May 19, 2009
both are assassins, really

Both are assassins, really.

Okay. So let’s premise this discussion by saying that we are indeed fueling a fire that m.snowe would much rather just snuff out. What are we talking about? This.  And This. The “raging war” between the Jezebels and the writers at Double X. Double X is the new “online magazine” for women, taking on both high- and low-brow intrigues (the “online ladies mag” designation makes m.snowe a bit woozy, although she admires some of the writers they have on the editorial board). Jezebel is an online blog site dedicated to “celebrity, sex and fashion for women.” It’s clear that each online space has it’s clientele tagged–more of the older, Washington Post set will glance at Double X, and the younger, less politically conscious will be hitting up Jezebel, with some audience overlap, obviously. Sadly, both are strictly targeted for women, which makes this an incestuous and in some cases, a self-defeating argument from the very start–because regardless of how you feel about either website, and the “feminist” ideals that they’re trying to push, it brands the infighting as a squabble between two forces that don’t really effect the outside, two-gendered world. Now, m.snowe is all about women’s rights, but just how far can you push a social good when no one can agree what the overarching mood of the movement should be? And then, how do you stop the cycle of external reviewers who basically brand the online infighting as derogatory “cat fighting”–a term that, by its very definition, is not really a concern to anyone but the cats who end up scratching themselves silly…if that makes any sense?

m.snowe often jokes that she is a “fourth-wave femiladyist,” because the term is arbitrary and really doesn’t mean anything. She’s not saying that women’s rights shouldn’t have a general “leaning,” but at the same time it seems like we’re so busy trying to agree on what’s wrong among us, that we’re distracted and ignore all the problems around us and imposed upon us (Umm, equal wages, please? Ledbetter verses Goodyear? Anyone?). It reminds m.snowe of the debates within certain racial groups about how best to be seen by others while trying to achieve equal rights (Bill Cosby?). There really is no such thing as capital F feminism, and this is a good thing. Why, do you ask? m.snowe, despite her relatively (okay, more than relatively) outspoken nature on women’s rights, has been dubbed a “feminazi” more than once. Not that this should discourage one from being outspoken, but once a term is applied to a movement, like “feminism,” not only does it have to be defined, but political detractors will use that very definition to cry hypocrite as soon as you hit the very edge of behavior not seen in line with said definition. It is a tactic used in all debates between ideological parties, and to that extent, it becomes unavoidable. It’s easy to nail people to crosses of their own device. So the idea that feminism doesn’t really exist should be a positive. But instead, we’re too concerned with what a feminist should be, and how they should act. Well, m.snowe is sick of being told how to act. She will act like a compassionate, liberal-leaning person. She will choose to endorse social goods that benefit all people–women and minority groups included. Because isolation, that usually ends with falling on your own sword. Or super-sweet samurai sword…whatever the case may be.