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M.snowe on snow

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on March 3, 2009

New York City was covered in snow today. As it forms part of her namesake, m.snowe felt necessary to reflect.

M.snowe has always lived in wintry climes, and knew no end to the piles of snow and slush and icy mix that clogged her sidewalks and streets as a child. But for the longest time, m.snowe loved the white watery stuff. In fact, she still possesses a certain camaraderie with it–a factor of some mutual acceptance that comes from two odd people that have shared the same good memories, but never really talked.  Going sledding, building snow forts, skiing, etc., etc.  And all these things in some way made impossible things true–this simple equation of hydrogen, oxygen and a cold temperature allowed for traveling faster than running via sled, invisible hideaways, you name it. It was a white blindness, a method of hiding in plain sight. It was also, and dichotomously, an equalizer–kids aren’t too fast or agile in a few feet of snow–it’s like being caught on a crowded bouncy-bounce, or a deep, netted ball room. Also, kids are concealed by their overly large snowsuits, pants (with overalls) included. M.snowe remembers only one sound during all this winter outdoor romp–the fast swish-swoosh of poly-blend snowsuits that possibly signaled an impending snowball.

But all of that has quickly changed. In the city, the snow doesn’t really stick to the ground. It will faintly coat the odd tree that lines the streets, or melt into a gray slush, the same color m.snowe imagines slush would take if it was really a trick of the sun bouncing off all New York City’s cold concrete, sort of like the relationship between the ocean and the sky. There’s no where to hide in this great big salt shaker, and nothing to equalize (except maybe the economy…msnowe is joking of course). It might be rather poetic to say that New York doesn’t allow the simplest of nature’s pleasures because it is so harsh and unforgiving, or to just blame the heat that the city generates and radiates from the pavement. But m.snowe doesn’t think that’s a good enough reason why. Perhaps it has more to do with our abilities to lose ourselves in certain situations. Despite the whiteout of a blurry winter storm, New York will always be visible. It is what makes it at once so assuring, dominating, and so suffocating. We cannot forget where we are, and it becomes a part of who we are, for better or worse. So m.snowe will let the snow make that briefest of coatings, and marvel at the change.

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