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Posted in Fizziness, NYTimes by m.snowe on February 6, 2009

The Times that is. The New York Times.

What now, you ask? This. The fact is, m.snowe has never once picked up this magazine, even in a dentist’s office, but she has seen it on the shelf, and her roommate does flip through it from time to time. A quick study shows that the decor of the magazine is more bright and modern than something out of a more staid home decor magazine, but still, what’s with this excerpt:

“Fans of the girlish, how-to decorating magazine owned by Condé Nast were vociferous in their disappointment, posting anguished comments on design sites like Apartment Therapy, Decorno and Design Sponge (which accrued 498 remarks in just a few hours), as well as nondesign sites, like The Huffington Post. Even Gawker readers set aside their snark to mourn.”

M.snowe would like to note two things:
1. “Girlish”? Really? Does GQ get to be described as “Boyish”?
2. If a men’s zine was folded for business, would men be characterized as “anguished,” as if their lives could not possibly recover, in a fit of despair over the loss of their monthly bro information? Would they become disconsolate and overly emotional?(like, omg, they’re breaking up with me!)

Or what about this crazy blanket statement:

“Did Domino’s demise augur the crumbling of a larger, cultural movement, characterized by a girlish and fizzy optimism and an appetite for Jonathan Adler ceramics and Parsons tables from West Elm, and peopled by thousands of crafty, handy young women — like Carrie Bradshaw but cooler, with fewer shoes, better values and a mortgage?”

More things to say:
1. “The crumbling of a girlish and fizzy optimism.” Using “girlish” along with “fizzy” and implying that the current climate is undergoing a “reality check” suggests that girls, by nature, are naive and utterly out of touch with the “real, harsh realities” (i.e. the manly manly brute world of grunts and devious investment bankers). While yes, it’s a reality check we are living in, to accuse twenty-something women of some foolish fizziness is just ridiculous, as if yes, it was their fault we’re in this economic, political, humanitarian crisis age. If anything, it’s those normally “serious” or at least “manish and harsh” fat-cats that got us into this economic and political mess (yes, we’re looking at you G.W.B.).


“Marian Salzman, a trend spotter and partner at Porter Novelli, a marketing and public relations company, wondered if, as she put it, ‘these women may have made Domino a part of their life, but they may not have made consumption a part of their life.'”

1. Clearly, these women-girls can’t distinguish between human relationships and inanimate bound paper products. Give m.snowe a break.

[m.snowe just proofed this post and realizes it’s a bit harsh. But hey, at least it’s not fizzy.]