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Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on January 19, 2009


 i wish you never read this

i wish you never saw

the verses that ran down my back

the letters aligned, sloping down my stomach

the questions phrased in ample diction

knotted through my hair

but of course you read it all

and i am left

a dogged-eared pamphlet

yellowing with dismay

unable to escape

the words that you’ve devoured–



judge a riddle by its answer

dare you to connect the specks

silence is your excuse

or perhaps no witty comeback

fuck that.


you say deserving is important.

i say wanting.

feet fumble down miles and arms pump the air

the ground is neither comforting, nor the air abated

and so

i ask you this–

remember i am not so simple

certainly not amiable.

no more.

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