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Inside-Out (Where M.Snowe ponders clarity in a fog)

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on October 24, 2008
M.Snowe is often surprised by the wild extremes peoples’ conjectures take. If there was some ultimate spectrum with the words “astronomically off-kilter” and “absolutely on point,” written on either end, most conjectures/assumptions would fall close to one of those phrases, but almost never in the middle, between them. So it must be concluded that when M.Snowe (and perhaps a larger audience) tries to grasp the unknown, she is in fact grasping at thin air, and her chance of being spot-on is as likely as her chance of revealing her complete ignorance.

The problem that inevitably accompanies assumptions/decision-making is we are never allowed to be objective. We can never separate ourselves from…well, ourselves–which includes our hopes, desires, fears, angers, etc. And whether it’s an attempt to lay these considerations aside, or use them to our advantage, each is a conscious effort that can never fully result in objectivity. For many decisions, this is a beneficial thing. We are rational beings after all..whatever that’s good for. But it’s when we try and piece together the thoughts and actions of those around us (with their own unique hopes, fears, conjectures, etc.) , that it becomes especially trying.

So if you’re living in the confines of a frenetic Friday afternoon, take heart–your worries could be completely off mark, anyways.

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