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What we deserve. Or do we?

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on September 20, 2008

Life is random. An amalgam of things.
This is commonly excepted by those who don’t have any hard claims to the destiny often intertwined with religion, or some sense of self-fashioned karmic spirituality. So naturally, if you believe that randomness is a fact of life and that there are unexplainable and unplanned courses of action, your entire worldview is shaped by it. Yes, many things are intentional, but when it comes down to it, control (of others, of events, etc.) is often out of our hands. This can be at once liberating and frightening. There are things we can guide–things we can finagle, but sometimes things fall to the wet pavement spectacularly, or mend up amazingly, and we have nothing or no one to thank or alternatively berate for it. So when someone gets what “they deserve,” it is usually chance and not anything else. We must exclude practical examples that would counter this assertion, like working hard for an achievable goal and reaching it–no–here we’re talking about seemingly unrelated occurrences that end up making sense in the bigger picture–like rudely stealing a crippled lady’s seat on the train, only to end up breaking your leg while rushing on another platform a few days later. For better or worse, poetic justice is such because, like poetry, it is abstract, often confusing, and outside reality or practical use (not that we don’t love it, and wish it was applied daily). Unpoetic justice, as a friend called it, is just as possible (i.e. you could’ve given the cripple that seat and still broken your leg).

So why does it seem that sometimes, the world gives us all what we deserve? Could there be more poetry after all?

more to follow…