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Where have all the politics gone? (Limerick Recap)

Posted in snap limericks, summer fatigue by m.snowe on August 18, 2008

Perhaps M.Snowe suffers from a perpetual summer fatigue. But more likely, the political news outlets are the ones suffering vernal weariness. And you can’t entirely fault them–the primaries were more exhausting than listening to the overly laudable sputum currently ejaculating from the Olympics announcers’ mouths. We have our two candidates, and they have been weighed and measured. The outlets seem to have decided that it’s time now for some relaxation and an easy transition from the primary chaos to the official party nomination pomp and circumstance. Chances are, the real stories won’t pick up again until we have some VPs to criticize and over analyze with flow charts, pie graphs, measuring tapes and fertility testing (got to be careful there, Mr. Edwards [not that you have a shot in hell]).

That’s all well and good, but M.Snowe still wants the news–and stories about “whale calfs bonding with yachts” and “strange microwave death” cases just aren’t up to snuff. (Mind you, these stories get top billing, over the protest situation in Kashmir.) But in the meanwhile downtime, let’s settle for looking at some stilted world news instead of McCain/Obama.

Georgia and Pakistan: Five Second Limerick Recap

It once was a Soviet satellite,
now independent–it was just alright.
But the Russians came in
–we won’t enter the din.
apparently they’re not worth the fight.

Musharraf used to be the man,
now his rule is summarily banned.
We wanted him in,
though he’s been quite a sin–
most think we’ve got nary a plan.

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