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More Stereotypical Manuscript

Posted in Copyediting, grammar, homophobia, sexism by m.snowe on April 11, 2008

Here are some more submitted stereotypes in copyediting language/rules:

The Gay Recluse writes:
More on the gay front than sexist, but! How about “homo panic”: failure to use any adverbs ever for fear of being labeled a queen. (He offered pathetically.)

Not pathetic at all! In fact, combing a few copyediting books/websites, it’s clear that the makers of these rules (and general grammar rules) were homophobic:

“Querying” : This word is an obvious allusion to Queer–and of course, the textbook warns all future copyeditors:
“Do not query often…Queries should never be sarcastic, snide or argumentative.”

“Homophones”: (Words pronounced identically or quite similarly but spelled differently) “Be able to spot and eliminate troublesome pairs”

And that’s not all. Grammar seems to be quite conservative.

Hence, the definition of copulative verbs:
“verbs that express a state of being, rather than an action.”

Interestingly, the verb “copulate” means: to engage in sexual intercourse. The grammarians have decided that to have sex is a state of being, not an action. Or perhaps they have a special regard for Sting and his Tantric practices?


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