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Posted in Clinton, Holy Grail, sexist by m.snowe on February 5, 2008

This post by Stanley Fish reinforces the comments made about blatant Clinton-hating. Especially of interest is the Horowitz quote: “She is,” Horowitz concludes, “an empty vessel into which [her detractors] can pour everything they detest.”
“empty vessel”? sounds like: chalice, womb, inverted penis?
How much more blatantly sexist imagery/language can one use? Although not everything in this article is spot-on, it does uncover the unfair posturing of anti-Clinton camps verses other anti-candidate groups. Because of a differing anatomy, the hate-spin has allowed itself to morph into a whole different, and openly sinister, animal.
Of course, the funniest aspect is that an “empty vessel” sounds like holy grail iconography… does this mean that Clinton is the Holy Grail, according to Republican pundits? I doubt they foresaw that scenario.

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