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Eviscerate This

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on October 24, 2007

vis·cer·ate / remove the entrails from; disembowel: to eviscerate a chicken. deprive of vital or essential parts: The censors eviscerated the book to make it inoffensive to the leaders of the party.
3.Surgery. to remove the contents of (a body organ).

Large fancy word for some, yes. But a CDC source had no trouble applying it accurately to what the Bush Administration did to the health risks of climate change report originally submitted to the white house by the CDC’s Dr. Julie Gerberding( The good doctor submitted her report to the white house prior to delivering the administration’s “edited” (a.k.a. eviscerated) version to the Senate Environment and Public Works Commission on Tuesday. What she originally submitted was a detailed fourteen page summary. What regurgitated out of the administration’s sewage-laden pipeline was a dramatically eroded report of only four pages. The white house couldn’t have been concerned with time limits or brevity -this was not an Oscar speech, where the nominee is quickly shunted off the stage as the music abruptly puts their hallow thank yous into discord; this was an official report for long-winded Senators, who thrive on inflated accounts and bureaucratic dalliance. If anything, they would applaud the white house and the CDC for their through approach to topic.

But what the Senator’s received was a pared down report, with the vitals missing. And they should have seen it coming – the Bush, a Texas rancher, is apparently also an expert at hacking, hanging, and quartering his legislative pigs for slaughter, the CDC, DoJ, and CIA included. Basically, if it can be made into an acronym, Bush thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to abbreviate their findings, with special attention to cutting out the bits that don’t roll smoothly off the tongue. To some extent, he and his cabinet can’t be blamed – helping him get his pronunciation correct is a noble, if unattainable goal. But time and again, Bush has abused his executive rights, and patronized the Congress and the Judiciary, not to mention the American people, by deciding which bits of information we should be privy to, and how that information is framed, sometimes altogether changing the meaning. Like his take on torture- instead of changing is policy, he just changes the definition of torture to fit his aims. Especially because it comes from Bush, almost everyone with an IQ over 10 should feel hard done by and extremely angry at this patronization. Big oil, transportation, and other large-pocketed businesses are the only ones who appreciate this administrative hack job, and for good reason. People will ignore global warming if the markets are up, but they might take a bit more notice if they start dropping like flies in a pesticide-treated vat. Heat stress, heart failure, respiratory problems, waterborne diseases, and mental health are all serious issues. Take a look at many of the soldiers who come back from Iraq and Afghanistan. They suffer from the battle zones, and the extreme stress of this new, hotter climate. They come back with heart issues, mental health problems like PTSD, and waterborne illnesses like malaria. They cause stress to the health system in America, and the halls of Walter Reed and other VA facilities will sadly be filled for years to come as these soldiers aid. Well, Bush has decided that the next unofficial war he will call without Congressional approval is the war on Global Warming ideology – and every citizen of America, and to some extent, the world, has been unwittingly enlisted. Let’s see what happens to our climate, health, and economy after this mission is accomplished.