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Take that, male chauvinist losers and fifties-style women who refuse to assert themselves

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Check out this sweet study, which proves the link between feminism and better male-female relationships (for all involved!):

Coincidental Renditions?

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on October 19, 2007

I think it’s time for the creation of a new sub-sub-committee in Congress. It will meet in an undisclosed location, and the only way to address its members, or vice versa, will be through closed circuit television. This sub-sub Committee will be named: “the committee which formally apologizes for all the Bush administration’s dastardly deeds, though the committee itself is not at fault and therefore only takes a minute fraction of the actual blame, similar to the US public.” Long, yes – but descriptive.

So here’s the story:
Apparently, in 2002, the government seized a thirty something Canadian man of Syrian descent as he was traveling through New York’s JFK airport. He was then put under the “rendition” program, flown to Syria, and mercilessly tortured. He was released nearly a year later, when he then went back to Canada. He still remains on our watch list. First, although this is a horrible story, because by all accounts he seems innocent – let us not forget he is still one of the lucky ones, in that his story got out, and he physically is no longer detained. That said, this man was sped away on a private jet to a hostile destination, where he would face the actual, not fictional equivalent to the US’s tailor-made Pit of Despair. The jury is still out as to whether our Syrian torture pit is run by an albino hunchback, but our President is certainly a shoe-in for the actual role of Prince Humperdink (though there’s a feeling that Bush’s literary doppelganger is slightly more intelligent). This raises multiple issues – and leads reference back to my previous post on Israel and Syria. No wonder we were so mum about the Israeli bombing… Syria still has it’s uses for us, so we don’t want to appear too against them. If Israel wanted to do the world a favor, it would try to empty torture camps by threatening destruction on it’s next fly by.
As nice as it seems for the House to offer up mea culpas via television to the Canadian, and allow him a few moments to declare his innocence openly, and receive the gratitude of his peers for sharing his horrific experience, it is all show. We can say whatever we want, and for that matter, the President and his administration can say or not say whatever they want as well – the truth of the words should be represented in actions. We shouldn’t be looking for long apologies, we should be looking for change in policies. Bush, so worried about too much government spending for poor children’s health care, should at least recognize the amassed unforeseen costs in fueling and loading a private jet from the US to Syria, renting out secret torturers for the year, who probably get well compensated, and all this for no good to the public. Let’s stop this behavior, this display of utter disregard for international human rights legislation. Bush needs a schooling, and the first course should focus on Geneva.

Side Note: It’s unclear exactly how this story was generated. “Rendition,” a new line cinemas feature, comes out today. It is no coincidence that this congressional meeting on rendition took place yesterday, and hit the news reels big-time this morning. It should rightly sicken people that either the media, the movie theatres, or the congress (or possibly a collusive combination of those listed), conspired to synchronize these events, to the capital gain for the movie theatres, and the general increase of this topic’s exposure for both the Congress and the movie. It is an important issue to consider – that is why this blog entry covers it, but a part of this blogger feels tricked in some way, as if writing about it only perpetuates the agendas of the suits – whether they sit in the board rooms or the congressional offices. I suppose its a win-win for those who believe in movies and in the democratic party’s position against the Administration and torture. Despite my reservations and cautions, who can argue with a possibly good movie and a free swipe at the president, really?