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Gore Did Win, at least for himself.

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on October 12, 2007

Things have to get bad before they can get better. No one knows that now more than Al Gore. The man lost his presidency, and gained worldwide acclaim, popularity, an Oscar, and now a Nobel Peace Prize. The man once associated with dulcet tones remarkably similar in pitch to Eeyore is now king of the hundred acre wood, i.e. the political and mainstream world. And he wasn’t even really trying. There are even lobbies for Gore to start up a campaign, unconnected to his own efforts. I guess there is a connection between relationships and politics – people like you tenfold when you play hard to get. The man beat out nuns and monks and freedom fighters, making his race to the Nobel seem like payback for his check in the 2001 elections.

No one can say for sure how Gore would have done as a president, but despite the almost seven full years of the political equivalent of an un-anesthetized root canal, it can be confidently said that Gore himself is a better man for his defeat, and he is reaping all the benefits. (Plus, if Gore had won, the nation would probably now be on an upswing of Republican support, instead of the highly satisfying dip in approval ratings for Republicans, which is dropping with all the speed and nervous anticipation of a six flags roller coaster.) Gore’s the unlikely political rockstar, and to some extent, pop icon. And though that seems a stretch, just remember than Bono was considered for a Nobel too, but I guess he can’t always find what he’s look for. Gore, in essence, decided after the supreme court’s decision, that he would behave as if he had truly been president, and was now enjoying the benefits of years in office. He would tour the world, and campaign for his pet issues, and do charity work. Most ex presidents, Clinton and Bush senior, have gone that route. But the difference here is obvious.

Sometimes, the best woman or man for the job is the one who least wants it. The power and responsibility of the presidency is a weighty thing, and if we forget, it’s likely our grasp on reality sinks quicker than cement filled cowboy boots (Read: President Bush).
Why do we have to change a good thing? Gore fed off his feeling of being hard-done-by, and it worked for him. As much as we should admire Gore’s works, we should also respect the limits of them. Some people excel as certain things, and we’d be amiss, lest we forget the branding of Gore as nasal, obnoxious, and down right boring during his previous campaign. Gore would make a wonderful advisor, or ambassador. Thrusting him into a campaign, however, would be shoving a political bushel basket over the illuminating talents he has recently put into practice which show no visible signs of abating anytime soon. While he probably wouldn’t suck, Americans can’ be so selfish. The world (literally all of it, even the ice-caps) needs Al Gore.

So what’s next? Well, the ex-politico should go for the triple threat – Oscar, Nobel, and coming soon to an ipod near you – a Gore Grammy-winning croon


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