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Veto those Vetos

Posted in Uncategorized by m.snowe on October 4, 2007

Luckily, President Bush, a notorious abuser of executive powers, has only vetoed four times. Now, this could be a good thing, but also a bad one, because it suggest that with a Republican majority in Congress before the last midterm election and the Democratic gains, Bush had little to argue with. Or, there’s something going on behind the scenes allowing Bush to push his agendas internally without the need to veto; something perhaps involving Cheney, a Cask of Amontillado, and some bricks.

So Bush isn’t trigger happy when it comes to shooting off vetoes, and for once we can be glad that Bush at least understands the value of saving your fire power to build up important gestures. But unfortunately for him, and us, his vetoes, small in number though they are, have been completely misfired, and like Cheney’s past accident, will probably end up shooting his buddies, and the nation in the ass.

But one great thing can be said about these vetoes. In their miscalculations, they show just how out of touch the Bush Administration continues to be, with an arching scope of irresponsibility and ludicrisness. Here they are in order, from the first, to the more recent veto:
1. Expanded federal funding for embryonic stem cell research
2. War funding bill with withdrawal timetable
3. Expanded federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, again
4. SCHIP veto – children’s health care expansion initiative

In four fowl swoops, Bush has alienated a huge portion of American society, probably more people than any other president could boast, given his short list of vetoes, and the fact that really it’s only three vetoes, because Numbers 1 and 3 primarily were against the same thing. And his current approval rating attests to this.

So who, in reality did he alienate? Given, he’s already alienated Democratic leaning people, he couldn’t help that, but there are other groups that make up a good section of society.
here’s a short-list of a few major groups:
1. Medical professionals, scientists (not the creationism ones), researchers, and the like
2. Children, parents, grandparents, (especially low to middle income)
3. Anyone who would like to see Iraq held accountable for it’s own government, or those seeking the homecoming of soldiers in Iraq
4. Entertainment industry people, especially lobbyists for stem cell research (including anyone who has seen and loved any number of the Back to the Future movies, or Spin City, or the early Superman movies.)
5. Many, many other groups

And the saddest part is even Republicans recognize the doomed policy of this administration, and the toll it is taking on their votership. That is why this last veto is slightly more controversial – Republicans gave a not altogether unremarkable boost to the support of SCHIP, but still Brambled Bush has no idea of the actual climate, with his political eyes scratched out, and no hope of finding the ideological retinas that would fix his troubled regime.

But luckily for us, if and when a Democrat is voted into the Presidency, they will likely work with a hopefully strong Democratic congress to rescind the trouble Bush has caused, and reverse the vetoes, like this story below attests:;_ylt=Ak4EeDYoq2Mk8NAM0zjCp2qs0NUE